Christopher Luna

things get serious in Ghost Town

		walking home from Clark College
		Dick Cheney passed me 
		driving a blood red pickup
		don’t have to remind you
		about the gas mileage 
		on a vehicle like that

		the deep-seated belief
		that the suburbs are somehow insulated
		from the violence and insanity of The City
		is a Myth created by frightened white folks 
		who whisper to one another like children
		playing beneath forts made of bedsheets

							casting spells
							to ward off Evil

		for even here in Vancouver, USA
		things have been getting serious
		kidnapping, murder, shooting, stabbing
		much of it, if you believe the papers,
			committed by skeletal raccoons
			tweaked out on methamphetamine

		last night while I was in bed
		the boy’s arms wrapped tightly around my neck
				a woman ran through my neighborhood screaming
				     and it was for his sake, I told myself
			that I did not run outside to aid her
				but instead lay there, frozen
					and listened

—Christopher Luna

From the chapbook Ghost Town, USA, THIS IS NOT AN ALBATROSS, 2008.

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