Christopher Luna

minor convergence

When I meet guys like Lamarr,
a New Yorker in a Yankees cap
	with "GOD" tattooed on his neck
	says he lived on 59th and Lex

When half a twin in a hoodie
Demonstrates crunk mudras
	& shows me a picture of his darling nephew

When small-time cons on work release 
	ask me to contemplate bad luck

When stretching acolytes 
	expose the smooth white 
	of their delicious green bellies

When the morning light illuminates the shape
	of your legs, torso, and breasts
	moments after lovemaking 
	at daybreak

When I spew theory breathlessly
	& Westerns make me hard
	& I notice that I have made it to page 93
		in each and every one of the 
		books I'm reading

							I must eat a sweet potato fry
								& admit that someone 
								is trying to tell me something
							That there must be a lesson to be learned 	
							That there must be an answer

—Christopher Luna
November 6, 2007

From the chapbook Ghost Town, USA, THIS IS NOT AN ALBATROSS, 2008.

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