Christopher Luna

The Buddha of Independence Day

Angelo leads me through the desert. I follow behind him, reading from a hardcover book full of his future poems. As we explore the wasteland, he informs me about the gods, their powers, and their stations:

"You know the Buddha, right? The one who comes on the Fourth of July. I know a lot about the gods. Ganesh is the fifth god. The first one is the Emperor of Heaven, the one we don't believe in. It's true. If you don't believe it's true it means you don't believe in Ganesh's powers. Sin is one of the 15 devils. He's enemies with Ganesh, but of course, Ganesh always wins. Did you know that Cat is the god of China? Remember that trick I invented? I named it the Flying Me. I'm the Great Corrector. I am your alternative. Jedi Raccoon. I paused the Seven Trials. I think this year the chaos orbs are aligning."

—Christopher and Angelo Luna
September 2008

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